Tuesday, September 8, 2009

HoodStock 2009

I first went to an event at the house where the Hoodstock Festival will be hosted this weekend, just a couple weeks after arriving in Oakland. Up until that night I still wasn't sure how I felt about my new hood. By the end of it I had jumped off the fence with abandon, and was proclaiming the glories of Oakland to anyone who would listen.

The house is in a slightly gritty neighborhood, but the people who live there are visionary. They invite bands to play in their backyard and host friends and strangers alike. They usually have a keg on tap - glasses in exchange for a small fee - but also encourage people to buy drinks at the liquor store on the corner and bring them back. The festival this weekend will offer several awesome bands, BBQ, and no-doubt, lots of drinking. Squeeze through the hipsters blocking the fence, hold your nose by the bathrooms in the hallway, and make your way into a little slice of Oakland heaven. 2523 Martin Luther King Oakland CA.

Thanks to my friend Justin for letting me know about this!

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