Friday, September 4, 2009

Music hanging in the proverbial air, or just air period

Anticipating something exciting in the future is often half the fun. It is with this in mind that I here reveal for your auditory pleasure (or at least the promise of it), a few other events that will be rolling into the area relatively soon. Remembering my initial point, you just might want to put them your calendar....

LoveEvolution - October 3rd ($10)
This is the Bay Area's most prolific electronic music festival, which for the Bay Area is saying a lot (consider for instance the upcoming and four-day, and slightly random San Francisco Electronic Music Festival with Oakland's very own Mason Bates performing). It should be a lot of fun, if you are into that sort of thing....

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass - October 2, 3, 4 (Free)
I am planning on going to this, although definitely dipping out on most of Saturday to attend LovEvolution. First of all, as I well know, you can't argue with free (the fact that I will pay twice as much in gas and bridge toll in exchange for a free glass of wine at some art opening in the city, rather than just buying four bottles of Charles Shaw, being my evidence) . Second, as advertised, this is not your typical bluegrass festival, although that would be cool enough to justify a visit. MC Hammer, Nico Case, Dr. Dog, Aimee Man, these are not your typical men in suits lonesomely crooning about Appalachia.

Treasure Island Music Festival - October 17, 18 (135.00 with fees for both days)
Treasure Island is only so big, so since this will be my first year going to the annual music festival there I figured I better get my tickets early before room literally runs out. I also just made this Pandora Station, which you are welcome to check out. I added all the bands from the festival, so if you don't know some of them\want to get a general sense of the kind of music that will be hanging in the air, check it out.


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