Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Get This Oakland Project Kickstarted With Just A Vote

Is it over?
While I always had high hopes for Occupy Oakland, I also had reservations. There were great aspects, like the few weeks when they were operating a 24/7 free-kitchen, and effectively solved the homeless problem because you could tell anyone who asked for money that there was food and shelter to be found just down the way. There were negatives too though, like the several local businesses who reported that sales were hurting because of the aura around the area. Lately, unless you know someone who is a hard core follower of the movement, you probably didn't even know that they were still around. Is Occupy over?

Not so fast I say. They have money in the bank, and a lot of great idealistic hard-working people still supporting them. Something could still come of this. In order to at least give them the chance, please take a few moments and vote below to funnel them some cash to hire a financial and idea consultant. It might sounds odd to do that since they have money, but unless it is gifted to them, it would be hard to get a vote to use the current funds in this manner.

Check it out here-