Thursday, January 12, 2012

Celebrate Friday the 13th with Girrrrrrrl Power and Metal

Friday the 13th can occur up to three times in a year, but usually only happens once. So it's a sort of holiday - something to celebrate!

Tomorrow on this special day I recommend you attend one or even both of these events:

Numero Uno - Metal show at the Oakland Metro. I went to their space on New Years and was blown away by how cool it is. If you haven't been there since they got the new venue, or opened the new spaces, you owe yourself a trip. And bonus points cause it fits the theme of the day.

Numero Dos - Girl artists, DJs, cooks, musicians, etc. take over half a block. Boys are invited :) Need I say more? No. Ok, one more thing... Actually, no.... :)

Have a great one!!!