Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oakland in Uproar

#Occupyoakland Woman in Wheelchair Engulfed in Tear Gas, Helped By Protesters
Before we get to events-

I would be remiss not to mention the Occupy Oakland movement, the vast majority of whom are working positively and vocally to bring about change. It isn't easy living on the street, or marching around all day and dealing with negativity, bombs, and tear gas. Sweeeeet Oakland is with you~!

We witnessed some of what happened as the encampment was demolished yesterday, and as the intensity of the interaction between protesters and police amplified. There is plenty of ink spilled regarding the overreaction of the police, to I won't be a broken record.

Primarily we encourage you to stay strong, and stay positive. Please follow us on Twitter for updates on all protests we attend, and retweets from ones we are unable to. If you take some great video or photographs, please send them to for inclusion here.

PLUR isn't just for ravers.... (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect)


Number One: Sign Ella Baker message to Mayor Jean Quan, and find out ways you can support the movement

Number Two: Follow #occupyoakland for updates about actions

Number Three: Text Bayaction to 41411 for text updates on the happenings.

Note: Our hearts go out to Scott Olsen, Iraq War Vet who was critically injured by a gas canister that hit his face during the protest last night. More HERE.

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