Sunday, September 27, 2009

You - say - ARTSY! I - say - CHECK!

There are so many great arty events happening soon that rather than posting each individually, I am going to cram them all (daintily I hope) into one burst of fillet-vaaaa.

October 1st : Full Moon Buy Night
Random name, but a great chance to share some of your bucks, big or otherwise, with local artists, restaurateurs, and farmers. The entertainment is sure to delight as well, with stilt walkers, fire jugglers, magicians, DIY classes; basically everything you can imagine besides ice skating. O wait, they have that too (again, random). All is taking place at Jack London. If you are going to be out of town or on your death bed (the only valid reasons for missing it), or if you just can't wait, you can always shop for awesome local goods HERE.

Yes it's in Berkeley, but it has plenty of representation from its more hard-core neighbor to the south. A night of :
  • Small plate tastings; beer, wine, and spirit samples
  • 35 artist studios exhibiting and selling locally produced art
  • Film screenings, live music, aerial dance, sword fighting demos, live glass blowing

October 8th-14th : Oakland Film Festival
After recommending the Oakland Underground Film Festival, and then driving around for an hour trying to find it unsuccessfully, I hesitate to recommend another one. Who knows, perhaps it was literally underground, and silly me, I didn't think to look there. Anyhow (grumble, grumble), the fact that this one doesn't have underground in the title surely heightens the plausibility of it actually existing. I was hoping to write a little bit more about the actual films, but their site was down when I just checked (not a good sign).

*And if you are up for crossing the bridge this weekend, don't forget LovEvolution and Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. See more details a couple posts back.
**Art above is displayed in the Oakland Museum

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