Tuesday, June 12, 2012

donut savant = yummmmmm

I read about the 3 week old -donut savant- in the East Bay Express and knew I had to try it ~ NOW

Final verdict? Amazing!

Instead of full sized donuts, here you will find something more akin to large sized donut holes. They have a huge variety - which was as exciting as  frustrating because I wasn't able to try one of each like I wished I could!

I settled for the Maple Salt (my favorite), Dusted Chocolate, German Chocolate, Apple Crisp, and Chocolate Frosted. Each was delicious. And even though it sounds like I was being a huge fatty, and fine maybe I was a little, because they are just a few bites each, I left satisfied but not feeling like a grease-ball. The atmostphere could use a couple tweaks to make it feel like more of a place you's want to stay awhile, but otherwise this place gets two enthusiastic thumbs-up from me.

So what are you waiting for? Make you way down to 1934 Broadway and delight in these little balls of pleasure today!

 Tip: They make fresh batches throughout the day, so ask them which ones are still warm!