Monday, June 18, 2012

Best Kept Secret: Free Museum Entry for Library Cardholders

Click on the picture!
I recently discovered an amazing secret. One of those that for a split second I was tempted to keep my own.                                                                                   

But ya know I gotcha back ;)!

 Basically it goes like this... Have an Oakland or Alameda County library card? Yeah? Well then you are eligible for the Discover and Go program which allows you to enter, usually with a guest, to almost every major Bay Area Museum for free. The details vary by location, but some of the highlights are the SF Aquarium, The California Academy of Sciences, the USS Hornet... the list goes on....

Log in HERE to claim your free passes if you are an Oakland Library cardholder, and if you are based out of another city in Alameda go to your libraries home page and look around for a link that says Discover and Go. Enjoy!