Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Make a resolution to be Veg for a week! One week outta the year? That ain't too hard.... And it gives you a great excuse to get out and try come delicious new Oakland Restaurants like No No Burger who will be serving up their delicious treats at Vitus on April 18th.

Other Veg/Vegan recommendations (from a sometimes-meat-eater) to help you survive the week:

Souly Vegan - Duh! Don't forget to order it to go and eat next door with a beer!

Lanesplitter - Vegan cheese upon request...

Champa Garden - Yummmmm. Almost everything can be made Veg and much Vegan as well

MLK Cafe - Delicious Eritrea and Veg Gluton-free pizza. Eritrea was colonized by Italy after WW2 which explaines the random seeming, but extremely delicious pizza!