Monday, November 7, 2011

November 9th-13th: Guide to Oakland Happenings

Lots of great events coming up!

Before we get into that though, check out the short video above.  I took it the other day as the Berkeley Occupy movement marched down Telegraph to converge with the Oakland contingent.

Was a great day, nighttime as most of you know by now was somewhat of a different story. I was there when the Mercedes ran a guy over that we all thought was dead, and when the police let the driver go and people started breaking windows I headed out. My roommate stayed, and stumbled back at 3pm sobbing from the tear gas and the emotional weight of what he had just witnessed. Pretty crazy. Stay safe Oakland!

Nov 9th: Lykke Li at the Fox - I personally like her more than a Little Bit, but I can see why some people think she is super annoying too! Oh, and in case you haven't figured this out yet, at the Fox there are always tons of scalpers, which end up scalping themselves within half an hour of a show's start when they begin selling tics for less than face value. Check it-

Nov 9th: Van Jones - one of Oakland's coolest citizenry, will host The Contract to Rebuild the American Dream at the Humanist Hall between Broadway and Telegraph on 27th St. If you are part of the Occupy movement, or have sympathies for it, but wish it was more directed, this should be a worthwhile investment of your time.

11/11/11: Bay Area Localize is hosting a conference/forum - about community resilience, namely about how the more we are self sustaining, but better off we will be in various calamities, from economic depressions to earthquakes. This will give you the opportunity to find out more and help set their agenda. $7-10 donation includes lunch.

Nov 12th: 

Art Murmur Saturday Stroll: Visit many of the same galleries with less hipsters drunkenly stumbling into you (sorry if it was me! :)

Dashe Cellers Paella Fiesta: This is more expensive than I usually like to feature (Lykke Li too for that matter, don't you know we are in a recession??!!) but it promises to be a lot of fun, and if you buy a case you get your and a friend's ticket cost refunded. For those on a budget, still craving wine and Paella on Sat check THIS.

Kinetic Steam Works: Roll Out: If you do one thing on Saturday, do this! Please is awesome, always provides a good time. $10-100 sliding scale.

Nov 13th:

16th Street Station, West Oakland Open House/Party: This station was the final west coast terminal of the transcontinental railroad - CRAZY! Come eat, drink, and check it out. If you end up hosting an event there ($2500 donation to its restoration= event space) please please please invite me!!

Hope that all sounds good! Peace Oakland-

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