Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November 30 - December 6th :: Guide to Oakland Happenings

Sweeeeet Oakland Returns!! Sorry for missing the last couple week's updates. I was away on a 12 day silent Buddhist retreat. If you are interested in torturing/enlightening yourself check out the North Fork Vipassana retreat schedule HERE. The whole thing is free though (you can leave a donation if you want when you complete the course, no pressure from them though), in a beautiful location about an hour from Yosemite, and a really interesting mind expanding trip.

Enough of that....

Buy it Now: Half off Oakland Zoo - They are all X-mas decked out for the next few weeks with tinsel streaming and lights ablaze. Great time to spend an afternoon there, especially if you've never been.

Wed 30th: Dubstep Party with local DJs

Thur 1st: Tourettes Without Regrets

Fri 2nd: Jack London Tree Lighting

Art Murmur - Obviously it's cool, but what galleries should you make sure to check this month? My recommendations:

Creative Growth
New Commodity - 474 24th St.
Warehouse 416 

Sat 3rd: Hoodstoccupy - Awesome music fest, where among others the amazing RNB Millionaires will be playing

Go Outside by RnB Millionaires

Issues on Piedmont -  holiday party (aka, free wine and snacks :)

Mon 5th: Two Miles Winery - Prohibition Repeal Party

This year, we're planning on having John Brothers Piano Band playing some music while pouring wine to pay tribute to the historic day which ended 13 years of prohibition.  No admission fee, but we will be charging a wee-bit for the booze.
Kindly let us know if you think you'll make it by emailing us here: more@twomilewines.com.

477 25th Street
Oakland, CA 94611

Tue, Wed 6-7: As tradition mandates, even though THIS IS in SF, it is an Open Bar, so it will be happily featured here.