Monday, November 2, 2009

Tales of the Maya Skies at Chabot

On November 21st Chabot will be celebrating the opening of their brand-spanking-new planetarium show, Tales of the Maya Skies. They "will host an all-day celebration featuring authentic Mayan food, music, dance, weaving & embroidery demonstrations, and hands-on activities by Chabot’s own Galaxy Explorers." This night should provide a great opportunity for those who have been meaning to visit Chabot (guilty as charged), to get our introduction to the place off on the right foot.

While checking out their website, I also noticed that every Friday and Saturday Evening (6pm - 10pm) they have host an event called Dinner and a Movie and the Universe. To quote them, "start your night off with dinner and drinks, then cozy up in the planetarium as you're whisked to the edge of the universe and cap off the evening with telescope viewing featuring breathtaking views of the cosmos." Pretty sweet

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