Friday, November 13, 2009

Dinner Plans?

I don't usually post here encouraging support of non-local buisinesses, but stick with me. . .

By buying a coupon at you are indirectly supporting local places, as well as exposing yourself to some places you might not otherwise try. Right now they are having a special, 80% off, with the code "entree", so if you are buying into my logic, now is the time to act!

It basically works like this. You buy a $25 gift certificate to a specific restaurant for $2 (usually $10, but now 80% off). You then go the the restaurant where you have to spend between 35-50$. You give them your gift card, and they take $25 off your bill. Obviously if you only have to spend $35 it is a better deal since you effectively pay $12 for a $35 meal ($2 for the certificate + $10 to make it up to $35). Following are a list of ten East Bay restaurants my beautiful girlfriend and I bought certificates for, all of which only require a $35 purchase. The "entree" deal only lasts through the weekend so hurry and check it out!

Messob Ethiopian Restaurant

Punjabi By Nature

Champa Garden

De Afghanan Kabob House

Ethiopia Restaurant

Platano Salvadoran Cuisine

Spice Monkey


Vo's Restaurant


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Natalie said...

sweeeeet. thanks for the info. i think you have a sweeeeet oaklandish face