Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tonight! Don't Miss Out!

A new green apartment/flat/home "village" is celebrating their opening tonight in West Oakland, and are going to spoil you just for coming! I have copied the details I received from them below. As you will see it should be a fun night of free food and drink and strolling around checking out the new buildings. You will also be unusually close to one of my favorite off-the-radar places, Middle Harbor Park. To get there after your munchings follow Wood down to 7th and take it as West as you can go!

From Kevin at Holliday Development:
The food should be quite good from a number of local sources – Brown Sugar Kitchen is the main caterer (jerked chicken skewers, smoked pulled pork sandwiches, vegetarian muffaletta, mac n cheese), Linden Street Brewery is providing the beer, Scream Sorbet will have a few different sorbet options, and Namie’s Kitchen will be adding a few side dishes as well. We will also have Urban Legend Cellars doing a barrel tasting of their upcoming wine. The food and drink are complimentary, and we owe a big thanks to all of these local businesses that donated or deeply discounted for the celebration.

PS: Having made a couple Google Maps myself lately, I highly admire the one they put together. You can find it HERE


Gene said...

I love the retro look for their website, etc., to tie into the Sleeping Car Porters and railroad history of the area.

I didn't see anything on their website ( that suggests the lofts are going to be particularly green. Did I miss the info somewhere?

Graham Patterson said...

The "green" aspects are a little buried, but for example see here: where it says "This is an exemplary sustainable development project providing housing at a variety of affordable income levels, a commitment to union labor which means high quality workmanship and decent wages, and green building standards," said Nancy Nadel, Councilmember, District 3, City of Oakland. "I am excited to see our policy directions shaping our new developments to better meet the needs and standards of Oaklanders." In addition they are "GreenPoint Rated" which I was not familiar with before reading up on it. Find more info about that Here:

Thanks for reading!