Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dance and Draw the Night Away

If you have been wondering if its possible to live an exciting life while completely ignoring our neighbors to the west, the answer is increasingly - YES! Not that it would be advised to forsake everything San Franciscan (Bay To Breakers and the upcoming LovEvolution come to mind). This Friday however comes yet another reason to stay in the EastBay permanently, thanks to the ever creative Rock Paper Scissors Collective. They are covering their walls -floor to ceiling- with white paper and distributing a rainbow of colored markers for your graphic pleasure; all this while pumping out to some cool beats to loosen up those stagnant hips. Admittance and art is on a sliding scale that starts at $1, so no excuse not to come. You'll have to decide when entering if you want to spring for a piece as yet unmade art. With all the possibilities the night holds, I have a feeling it will be a good investment. Hope to see you there. MORE DETAILS

Note: BYOB

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